Here's the rub...
If you're a private citizen and wish to remove a piece of content from Pixye, use the form above and tell me why.
I will most likely honor your request.

We frankly don't mind if people want content taken down from Pixye, as long as they got a reason (it might not even be a good one, yes, we're really that amenable).

If you're the representative of a private company and wish to remove content from Pixye we would highly appreciate if you just send us a list of links that are bothering you along with a reason instead of just a faceless boilerplate message or an insipid letter, that helps us build a relationship and work together, instead of against one another.

However, everyone is more than welcome to send their boilerplates or letters.

You may also use that form is you wish to contact us for business/banner/traffic reasons.
Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Everyone is also welcome to get in touch through email on [email protected]
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